jueves, 5 de marzo de 2009

Moloko "Fun For Me"

Ésta es bastante más vieja, no sabía que era la misma cantante, me gusta mucho.

I dreamt that I was dreaming, I was wired to a clock,
Tickled by the minute hand tick tock tick, tick, tock,
I dream I'm on a train and it is making music,
I don't remember getting on clickity click clickity click

I dreamt that I was very tall, I was bigger than King Kong,
I heard the bells the bells a'ringing a'ding dong ding dong,
I dreamt that I was sitting in the devil's company,
He gave a solemn promise fi fa fi fun for me

I dreamt that I was chasing the monster out of me,
I caught him in the corner ha ha hee hee hee,
I dream I'm in a tunnel between here and now,
Scooby do-be where would you be bow wow wow wow

I dream I'm at a crossroads no place left to go,
I look in each direction eenie meanie miny mo,

I dream I am an ostrich head deep in the sand,
There is a rhythm that's a playing fantastic elastic band

I dreamt that the bogeyman went down on Mr Spock
Sugar was a flowing sock it to 'em sock
I dreamt I saw a moo cow jump across the moon
Just a flight of fantasy zoom zoom zoom

I dreamt I met a spaceman he took me to his ship,
You know he cut my hair off snip snip snip
I dreamt that I was sleeping asleep for heaven's sake
The dream that I was dreaming caused me to awake

I dreamt that I was way up I was standing on the top
With the feeling I was falling bop beep bop
I dreamt that I was jumping in a circus through a hoop,
Someone saw the lights off shoo-be-doop

I dreamt that I was fast I was never shutting up,
I was going in a hurry I was giddy-up giddy-up
I dream I'm in the park I'm standing in the nudey,
I was getting what I wanted tootie fruity tootie fruity

Fe fi fi fun for me.

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